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Grim Philly Twilight Tours tickets

Gate Prices Adult $29.00
Child (3-12) No Kids

Brief summary:
Experience the darker, bone-chilling side of Philadelphia’s history and enjoy a night of spooky entertainment on the Grim Philly Twilight Tour – Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour, Philly’s original dark history tour that takes you to the city’s most historic locations – but paints a different picture the events that took place there.

From the brothels of Helltown to dark and deviant stories of sexcapades, torture, mass burials, executions, murder, mayhem, vampireic blood rituals, and the occasional ghost and pirate tale mixed in, you’ll learn all about the research and findings of Professor Joe Wojie in this high-energy, R-Rated adult night tour of the lesser-told history of Philadelphia you never knew existed.

On the tour, your expert guide will take you past Independence Hall, the Library of Congress, and two dozen additional sites that revolve around Philadelphia’s most important historic moments – but focus on its seedier side. You’ll see locations of whipping posts, gallows, the red light district, public slave auctions, and more historic haunts.

What to expect:
The Philadelphia Pass gets you free General Admission tickets to the Grim Philly Twilight Tour’s "Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour."

Grim Philly Twilight Tours are for mature audiences only.

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Getting In

Reservations required. Call (856) 829-3100 to book your tour. Tours depart from the Independence Visitor Center at 6th & Market.


May-September: Nightly at 7:30 pm
October-November: Nightly at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm; 11:00 pm tour available Friday and Saturday
December-April: Saturday at 7:30 pm


6th and Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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