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Philadelphia Passes purchased online are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Opening times will fluctuate from time to time and users of information on this site are advised to check with the attraction concerned prior to visiting to confirm current operating hours.

Opinions expressed on this web site are no more than fair comment of the authors and are not the opinions of the Publishers.

All Attractions and services listed on this web site are contractually bound with the Publishers to offer free entry to Philadelphia Pass® holders or other genuine offers and discounts where appropriate. The Publishers have taken all reasonable care to ensure that only properly run and reputable Attractions of good standing are within The Philadelphia Pass® program. That said, the Publishers shall not be liable for any deficiencies in service, quality of merchandise or health and safety at any particular Attraction.

All and any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the Attraction concerned.

The Publishers shall not be responsible if any Attraction, contrary to the terms of its contract with them, unlawfully and with no good cause, refuses free admission or other genuine offers and discounts where appropriate. The Publishers will use reasonable endeavors (where such refusal is unreasonable and/or in breach of contract) to facilitate admission or other genuine offers and discounts to Philadelphia Pass® holders by the Attraction concerned but if they should fail in their attempts, the Publishers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or inconvenience suffered.

Whilst the Publishers will have used all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information contained on this web site is accurate, they shall not be liable for any loss, expense, damage or other inconvenience caused, in whole or part, by reliance upon such information and the user of the information does so at his own risk.

The Piladelphia Pass website utilizes a US payment system, some overseas credit card operators may choose to apply a small additional charge to purchases made through this website. The publishers of New York Pass website, Leisure Pass North America, LLC, will not be responsible or liable for any of these charges should they occur.

The Philadelphia Pass® may only be used by the card’s signatory. It is non-transferable and non-refundable. No replacements or refunds can be offered for lost or stolen cards. The Philadelphia Pass® is not valid for same-day return visits to any attraction.

Holders of The Philadelphia Pass® recognize and accept that they visit any Attraction voluntarily and entirely at their own risk.

The Publishers are not in any way responsible for the conditions of the attractions or venues or third party acts or omissions at any Attraction, venue or service.

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