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How does the Philadelphia Pass work?

The Philadelphia Pass is a ‘smart card’ - like a credit card with a computer chip inside - which allows you completely cash free entry to over 40 Philadelphia tourist attractions. It’s a bit like an ‘all you can eat’ buffet - once you’ve bought your Philadelphia Pass you don’t have to pay to get into any of the attractions covered by the pass and the more sights you see, the more money you save.


Simply show the attendant at a Philadelphia Pass attraction your card, they will swipe it through a special machine and you will be allowed entry. For the full list of Philadelphia City attractions where you can get in free with the Philadelphia Pass, click here.

Activating the Philadelphia Pass

Philadelphia Pass

The smart card records when and where you first use your Philadelphia Pass, as well as how long the pass will remain valid.

This means your Pass is activated the moment that you first use it at an attraction or service so buy it now and take up to a year to use it. Your Philadelphia Pass is then valid for the number of days that you purchased - be it 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. It is important to note that a ‘day’ is based on a calendar day, so should you first use your pass at 4pm on Monday, Monday is counted as day one of your pass usage.

Validity of the Philadelphia Pass

The Philadelphia Pass is valid for use on consecutive days only. At the end of your validity period, the pass will expire and will no longer allow access to attractions. If, for example, you used a three day pass for the first time on Monday, your pass will cease working at the end of Wednesday, regardless of how often you have used it in between.

Help with using the Philadelphia Pass

Should you have any problems while using the Philadelphia Pass, please call our customer help center on 1-888-567-PASS (7277)

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How much will you save?

  • 5 day pass - Save $140*
  • 3 day pass - Save $72*
  • 2 day pass - Save $44*
  • 1 day pass - Save $17*
  • * Potential savings based on one adult visiting three top Philadelphia Pass attractions per day.